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    Specializing in the production of oil-soluble dyes

    Established at the early of 2008,Kunshan Guocai Pigments Co., Ltd. is a new-booming stock manufacturing enterprise of fat dyes and main manufacturer of export-oriented dyes. Now, Kunshan Guocai Pigments Co., Ltd. is located in the southeast of Jiangsu province and is only 50km away from Shanghai city; our factory is situated in Yancheng chemical development park in the north of Jiangsu province and is only 50km to Lianyungang city. Thus, we enjoy good location.

    Covering an area of 30,000sqm, we now have 50 employees and CNY 4 million of fixed assets; moreover, we hire several dye experts to help us to develop new products and technologies, and control quality of products. This year, we invest more money and humans in the innovation of technologies and development of new products. At present, we are able to produce 500 tons of blue pigments, 150 tons of yellow pigments and 140 tons of red pigments every year, and can annually sell CNY 30 million of dye products, 50% of products are for exports.