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    Specializing in the production of oil-soluble dyes

    Product indexes(Click)

    Top-grade plastic colorants and Terylene colorants in the mass are the technical achievement of experts in the field of fat dye.

    Top-grade plastic colorants and Terylene colorants in the mass are good colorants of plastics and polyester fibers, with the features as good dyeing intension, good resistance to light, alkali and acid and bright colors, etc. They are widely used in the dyeing of materials such as daily plastic, organic glass, PVC packing materials, decorative materials, pen materials, telecommunication materials, sand tube materials, industrial greases, paints, inks, and color master batch. Moreover, some of them are suitable for dyeing jet processing of chemical fibers, polyester, nylon and acetate fiber, etc.

    Application range:

    Top-grade plastic colorants and Terylene colorants in the mass are fat dyes fat and is soluble in organic solvents. It can be used solely or used as ingredient of formula. Now, they are widely used in these materials: (poor color-change resistance in ABS)

    ● PS

    ● HIPS

    ● PC

    ● UPVC

    ● PMMA

    ● SAN

    ● SB

    ● AS

    ● ABS

    ● styrene-methacrylic acid copolymer (372)

    ● CA

    ● CP



    It can be added into plastic directly and stirring evenly, and then the mixture can be used in premould or molding process. When it is used in clear resin, it can offer bright transparent tone; if it works with white titanium pigment and dyes, it can offer translucent or opaque colors. Its dosage is upon your demand: 0.02%~0.05% for transparent tone and 0.1% for opaque colors.

    Quality indexes:

    ● Heat resistance 240℃~300℃

    ● Light fastness 6~7 grade. 7~8 grade

    ● Anti-mobility 3~4 grade. 4~5 grade

    ● Dyeing intension 100% ± 3%

    ● Fineness pass 60mesh sieve

    ● Moisture(refined product)≤0.5%

    ● Ash(refined product)≤0.2%

    ● Heavy metals In accordance with standard of Europe

    Packing, sign, storage and transportation:

    ● It should be kept in plastic bag lined cardboard drum, which is sprayed with manufacturer name, product name, trademark, batch No., date, Gross wt and Net wt.

    ● Stored in cool and ventilating, load gently, avoid moisture. In good condition, it is very stable in good condition for long time.